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Hi Georgia,

I just wanted to reach out to you with a huge thank you for visiting our Norton Shores branch today!  Your storytime was absolutely sublime! I really can tell that you love what you do, and you are such an inspiration to all the young aspiring authors you read to today.  You are always welcome at Norton Shores Library and I hope MADL can work with you again in the future.


Jennifer Spangler 

Jennifer Spangler
Lead Librarian I

Georgia Ann Moss is passionate about children learning to read. Reading groups, summer reading programs and tutorial services are her community projects. 

Miss Moss has worked in education and specifically in the teaching of reading for the past twenty years. Helping children advance in reading and develop a love for books is at the forefront of every teaching opportunity.

Miss Moss is very serious about education and believes that a quality education will open doors of opportunity.

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