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Uncle Buddy is the story of one of the most cherished memories of my childhood.  It is a story of kindness and wisdom with fond memories of a loved family member. This book introduces the world to my family members and the joyous times we had at my Grandmother Mary's house in Memphis, Tennessee. The story will hold you captive until the end and put a smile on your face. Think, dream and imagine as you read Uncle Buddy.

The book is designed to capture the attention of Pre-K to third grade readers with 29 high frequency words and think and respond to questions for comprehension.

Story by:  Georgia Ann Moss

Graphic Designer:  Jeffrey VanDyke

Uncle Buddy

Hi Georgia,


I am deeply affected by your children’s book.  It is poignant, personal, and powerful in its delivery.  The accompanied illustrations paired with your text make for such a beautiful story; I am reflective and pensive in its message.  Thank you for sharing it with us at MADL.    It was a great pleasure meeting you this morning!




Jena Escareño
Early Literacy Coordinator



is a read, write, pray devotional journal with 46 biblical lessons.  It is enlightening and thought provoking and will engage each reader in their individual experiences spiritually and help one live a life of faith in their own unique way.

Spirituality helps one seek their inner peace. With the trials and tribulations of life there is a constant need to seek out our quiet places where we can get our souls centered on what we believe. When we are centered in reading, writing and prayer, it gives us an inner peace and a resolve in dealing with life issues.


The dash between our birth and death date is our lifetime. Sometimes during the dash, our life, we need to find inner peace. Messages of Spiritual Sustenance offers this spiritual connection, consolation, and growth.

Messages of Spiritual Sustenance offers biblical lessons which allows one to study, write and pray. Lessons about love, duties of Christians, how to make it in this world, how to cast upon the Lord, and many lessons for spiritual growth. With each lesson, the reader is engaged spiritually and will find inner peace.


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